Programme Overview

The programme uses a student-center appraoch and is built around ten eCourses structured around four core thematic areas. The different courses encompass e-Lectures, practical labs, tutorials, case studies and assessments. Given its entrepreneurship focus, the programme also allows students to do an internship to get incept in the innovation ecosystem / environment and lay the basis of the development of the practical start-up solution. at the final stage of the programme.

eCourses Thematic Areas/Modules

The different eCourses are clustered into four different thematic areas/modules described as follows:

  • Module 1: Mini-grid focussing on the development of a comprehensive set of skills necessary to successfully design, develop, manage and operate decentralized renewable energy projects.
  • Module 2: Digitalization, ICT4 for mini-grid providing essential skills on emerging digital technologies (IoT, Big/Smart Data, Artificial Intelligence, coding, etc.) in mini-grid and relevant for the African context.
  • Module 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship providing theoretical background with appropriate courses on all aspects for the planning development and administration of a business resp. start up.
  • Module 4: Business Start-up Thesis focussing on the implementation of the business cases resp. start up with the development, testing and validation of the business cases resp. prototype following an action research approach.

Programme Learning Outcomes

While trying to achieve the ultimate goal of strengthening the capacity of African youth in innovation and entreprenurship on the African continent with the creation of start-ups in the smart mini-gid sector, the programme intends to achieve the following hard and soft skills learning outcomes to the prospectives students.

Programme Structure

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