Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences

The Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) (PAUWES), is one of the five hubs of the Pan African University: the culmination of continental initiatives of the Commission of the African Union to crate excellence and revitalize higher education and research in Africa. It is hosted at the University of Tlemcen in Algeria and gathers excellent know-how to tackle the challenges faced in different African countries with regards to water, energy and climate change. In its core mandate to enhance the development of programmes in the areas of water, energy and climate change on the continent. PAUWES capitalises on the youth potential and the development of their capacity and skills through education leading to entrepreneurship and the creation of start-ups, fostering therefore employability on the continent.

The Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative

The Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) is is an international non-profit organisation founded on the recommendation of the United Nations Task Force on Information Communication Technology (ICT). GESCI is an accredited online training provider specialized in developing curricula and skills development programme leading to entrepreneurship. It envisions to have a world with widespread use and integration of digital technologies to achieve higher level of inclusiveness and equality, making use of efficient ICT in the provision of different services including ICT based skills development for youth enterprise and employment.

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